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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fun with photoshop

Since working at Stampington and Company I have been a lot more excited to try new art projects including all different kinds of mediums. I submitted a bunch of sock monkeys to our publication called Stuffed and I am happy to announce that they will have their own article in the January issue! It is going to be so hard to wait for it to come out, but it will be fun to watch them take pictures of them and then Jessica gets to design the magazine so that will be cool too. I'll have pictures to come soon...

Also, whenever I mail or package anything now I have to put a little spin on it. I'll have those pictures up soon as well to explain more what I am talking about.

I have started a new thing where I create a birthday crown for people. It started out with my mom's birthday (the crow turned out kind of rough, sorry mom) and then I made one for Summer, Jessica's dad, Jessica's mom's friend, and now I need to make one for Jessica's mom. haha. Pics to come for that as well!

Other than those little projects, I have been experimenting with Photoshop. U of A never really sat us down and taught us all of the Adobe programs, most stuff has been self-taught or learned through internships. Well, at Stampington we use photoshop pretty often to fix up photos and the I get to see all the photos that artists send in and they are so inspiring. So, to start off, I took a photo from my "photoshoot". This picture was actually my favorite that Johanna Love took. She is such a great photographer. Anyways, I played around with the image a bit and come up with a couple different styles. You'll have to tell me what one you like and hopefully I can try more things in the near future.

Original photo taken by Johanna Love

CMYK photo with different filters and grain effect

Black and white photo with a lens glare

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Different Kind of Family Time...

My day got to start with a package sent from my mom. I was so excited to get something in the mail, and then I saw what was inside the package and I got even more excited. My mom, as most people know, is a creative genius! You can follow her blog, Paper Parfait, to understand fully. Anyways, she altered a photo album and made it beautiful and then placed images reminding me of home in it. I know my words don't do this album justice so I took some pictures to show off! 
album created by my amazing mother, MIM!

After receiving this album and looking at it over and over again I then hopped on the computer and saw that I received a message from my cousins. Two of them are getting ready to head off to college and I am so excited for them! The younger of the three is also the only girl, and she is about to see the perks  of being the only child. I love facebook, not just for the stalking factor, but because it keeps me connected with everyone. 

Then, I got to visit my sister's blog to see what she is up to. Once again, just another great thing about technology... I think everyone should have a blog and post their updates on that instead of Facebook.. .I think everyone would appreciate that.

And after being on the computer, I got a text from my Dad and got to talk to him a bit. 

On top of all of this, I got to talk to Katie today during her lunch break and catch up on her life and past weekend. 

I am so thankful for all this technology because it keeps me in touch and up to date with everyone. In a way, I felt like I got some family/friend time in today which is great because this past week things have finally been really setting in. I am realizing that I am not just on vacation, and that I don't get to see the ones I love as often as I wish. I am not going to complain, because thankfully I am still only about a 6 hour drive away. So, instead of complaining, I am going to be thankful that I have such amazing and loving people in my life to miss. 
Just some of the people that I love and miss! 

Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Adventures and Experiences

On Wednesday, I was having just a normal day at work when Jessica (friend and co-worker) brought over the magazine that I got to work on last month. It is the September/October issue of Belle Armoire (yet to be released in stores), but the editor got the first copy to look over. This magazine is extra special, not just because it's the first one I got to work on, but also because I got to model one of the featured pieces. Its actually a really cute dress, but made entirely of dryer sheets (it smelled really fresh and clean). It's fun to see some of my work being printed professionally and to also have a picture of me (I realize that its from my chin down haha) in a published mag! 

Spread in Stampington and Company's Belle Armoire publication. On the left side is a picture of me modeling the dryer sheet dress! Kind of cool to see in person! 

In other, not so glamorous news... Jessica's sister's friend needed help at a convention that was being held in Anaheim. It was a Food Protection convention and their company has a mascot... a Bacteria! They call him BAC and their little slogan is "Fight Bac." The job was for me to dress up in their costume for one hour and walk around the convention while taking pictures with people. This didn't sound too bad, and I was promised some money in return. I agreed and this is what I ended up looking like...

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: 1. I think if people would have known that it was me inside the costume, they may have posed a little differently. 2. Suiting up in the costume. This little waist thing, the air vent/inflation device, was pretty heavy and made me so sore the next day. 3. BAC taking a walk around the crowds. 4. I loved giving people hugs in this costume and I think people enjoyed receiving them too because their faces always looked so happy! 

It was quite the experience. I am glad that I did it because it's a fun story and it's just something that is exciting to say that I've done in my life. The costume was a little bigger and heavier than I expected, so afterwards I was really sore, but it was fun walking around messing with people without them knowing that I was the girl inside! Jessica took really good care of me too, she definitely had my "bac"! These are just a few images, but I have soooo many more that are hilarious to look at. 

Sine having this experience, I have decided that I want to be more of a "yes man (woman)" in life. I want to say "yes" to more experiences in my life, because they will always be great to look back on and you never know what could possibly come out of it. I mean, I can now say that I have modeled and acted hahaha ok, thats a bit of a stretch, but I like the sound of it!