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Friday, June 24, 2011

Let's Get Cookin'

About a month and a half ago I decided that it was time for me to challenge myself and begin grocery shopping and cooking (in order to avoid a quarter-life-crisis I set random little challenges for myself). I had previously been buying pre-packaged meals from Trader Joe’s, which I still love, but decided that I needed to introduce new habits in my daily routine. What started off as a small challenge has now become a healthy habit. 
I began grocery shopping, and noticed myself buying only fruits, veggies, protein, grain, and dairy items. If you know me, you know that I can be quite stingy with money at times which is actually a good thing for when I am grocery shopping. When I reach for the chips, soda, or desserts, I then look at the price and think to myself, “well, I don’t really need this... and what could I really cook with it?” I walk around with it in my hand for a couple aisles and then as the cart starts to really fill up, I’ll return the unnecessary and usually over-priced items back where they belong... on the shelf. 
I try to buy ingredients that I can use in several different meal variations, and I only use vegetable oil, minced garlic (learned this trick from my friend Amanda), or soy sauce to cook with.
The perks of this challenge: I actually enjoy cooking and trying to think of new ways to cook and combine ingredients (I may have yelled out “MacGrubber!” a few times when a new creation is made haha). I feel that I am getting the right nutrients and actually make a conscious effort in eating healthy snacks. Lost an inch or two around my “inner-tube” or “love-handles” area and actually think my skin is healthier looking. And the greatest of all perks, the food actually tastes pretty good and keeps me satisfied!  
I forgot to mention that this cooking challenge is only Monday through Friday. On the weekends I give myself a break and enjoy the social aspect of going out to eat, indulge in a drink or two, and make sure to get my weekly burger (hey, I’ll forever be a member of the burger club!)
P.S. If you have any cooking ideas or suggestions let me know. I am always looking for new and easy recipes! And if you see anything of mine that you like (sorry that the pictures are not the best quality or lighting), let me know and I can give you my recipe. 


  1. Great post! Great pictures! Everything looks delicious! So amazed and happy you are doing this!

  2. Kitchenmonki is super helpful for meal planning and easy recipes. Try olive oil for a little more flavor and a healthier option.

  3. I have a recipe! Go to the cooking aisle, grab the brownie box, bake, and enjoy! Works every time :)

    Haha but no, seriously, good job!!

    -Cort cort

  4. Weeee so proud of you!!! I need to get back on the cooking bandwagon, been way too lazy! Now I'm inspired! What's your fav meal that I should try??