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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Star Spangled Banner

For me, July is an exciting month (I don't think there is a month that I am not excited about, but this one is just a little more special). It's the time of year when Summer has completely kicked in, my mother and sister's birthdays are both this month, and the fourth of July is celebrated.

As a kid,  I remember 4th of July parades, swimming, bbq's, popsicles (the red, white, and blue ones), my mom's famous American Flag Fruit Tart (yum), sparklers, light-rope/glow-sticks, and family and neighbors joining together on blankets spead over the golf course  to watch the firework's show.

As I've gotten older, I made it a point to be in California for the 4th. There have been a couple trips with all my girlfriends (some of my favorite memories are from our huge CA girl-trips), a trip with Kipp and Summer, and last year it was the first weekend after I moved out here and Kimmy was out to visit me.  This year's celebration will be in Newport again and I am excited, but I love to think back over all the past years and the memories that I hold from this one Holiday.

Anyways, I'm rambling now and really all I meant this post for was that I made a new desktop image for my computer at work and wanted to share. If you'd like to place it on your desktop background please feel free to! Just save the image and then change your desktop settings.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

11 Songs I will never-ever tire of:

All I Need - Radiohead
Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
Chop and Change - The Black Keys
Claire De Lune - DeBussy
Dog Days are Over -Florence and the Machines
Funeral - Band of Horses
Hang Me Up to Dry - Cold War Kids
Home - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
Sex on Fire - Kings of Leon
Smile - Michael Jackson
Wake Up - Arcade Fire

Why 11 songs? Because 10 is just not enough! Off the top of your head, what are 10 or 11 songs that you will love and listen to forever??

P.S. In case you were wondering... Yes, I did put this list in alphabetical order... just another side-effect of being an obsessive compulsive graphic designer. 

Hope you're having a great lil' Wednesday!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Let's Get Cookin'

About a month and a half ago I decided that it was time for me to challenge myself and begin grocery shopping and cooking (in order to avoid a quarter-life-crisis I set random little challenges for myself). I had previously been buying pre-packaged meals from Trader Joe’s, which I still love, but decided that I needed to introduce new habits in my daily routine. What started off as a small challenge has now become a healthy habit. 
I began grocery shopping, and noticed myself buying only fruits, veggies, protein, grain, and dairy items. If you know me, you know that I can be quite stingy with money at times which is actually a good thing for when I am grocery shopping. When I reach for the chips, soda, or desserts, I then look at the price and think to myself, “well, I don’t really need this... and what could I really cook with it?” I walk around with it in my hand for a couple aisles and then as the cart starts to really fill up, I’ll return the unnecessary and usually over-priced items back where they belong... on the shelf. 
I try to buy ingredients that I can use in several different meal variations, and I only use vegetable oil, minced garlic (learned this trick from my friend Amanda), or soy sauce to cook with.
The perks of this challenge: I actually enjoy cooking and trying to think of new ways to cook and combine ingredients (I may have yelled out “MacGrubber!” a few times when a new creation is made haha). I feel that I am getting the right nutrients and actually make a conscious effort in eating healthy snacks. Lost an inch or two around my “inner-tube” or “love-handles” area and actually think my skin is healthier looking. And the greatest of all perks, the food actually tastes pretty good and keeps me satisfied!  
I forgot to mention that this cooking challenge is only Monday through Friday. On the weekends I give myself a break and enjoy the social aspect of going out to eat, indulge in a drink or two, and make sure to get my weekly burger (hey, I’ll forever be a member of the burger club!)
P.S. If you have any cooking ideas or suggestions let me know. I am always looking for new and easy recipes! And if you see anything of mine that you like (sorry that the pictures are not the best quality or lighting), let me know and I can give you my recipe. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Myk-a-palooza Continues

My mother (mim) is the craftiest and most caring person I know. She can take a simple box and create a masterpiece that will warm your heart. Knowing this, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised to get a package today-filled with amazing goodness!!! She made me a birthday banner and boxed it in beautifully crafted boxes. I tried to take pictures, but my camera phone/house lighting doesn't do the gift justice. It's so cheerful and bright, I can't wait to wake up to it tomorrow.

This myk-a-palooza is amazing so far and my birthday hasn't even happened yet!!! Thanks mim for such an amazing package, it really brightened my day and house!

Much love!
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Sweet Surprise

I got home from work today tired and not looking forward to doing all my cleaning that I promised myself I would do tonight. And after making a pretty delicious dinner, I slipped slowly into a food coma and the thought of cleaning seemed laughable, unrealistic and too exhausting.

Thankfully, just as I sat down to rest my night away, Jessica handed me a package that had come in the mail with my name on the address. I got really excited when I saw it was from Cortney (she sends fun cds, photos, or silly letters all the time) and once I opened it up I was happy and energized! Inside was some printed pictures of my best friends from AZ, a sweet birthday card, and an Adele cd!!!

Well, now I am blasting some Adele while cleaning my room and finding the perfect space for the pictures to go. Thanks Cort Cort, you made me so happy and definitely saved the night!!!
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Monday, June 6, 2011

Blessed with Bliss

I'm in complete bliss after this past weekend. It was filled with my two favorite things: family & friends. I got to fly home Friday night (thanks to my parents) and squeezed in celebrating a few special occasions.

There was a going away party for katie (Weebee), a wedding reception for Maddie (Mad-dawg), and a quarter century birthday for Vanessa (VV). And since I will be in California for my birthday this year, my family celebrated my birthday a couple weeks early (its not mykapalooza unless it last for 3 weeks!)

Throughout the weekend there were lots of laughs, silliness, burgers (a total of three were consumed this weekend), wiggle hugs, creeping, reminiscing, and catching up. I couldn't help but thank God for just how truly blessed I am. I am so thankful to have so many people- family and friends, that I love and truthfully respect. What else could a girl really need?

I normally try and keep things like this to myself, but today I came across this and couldn't agree more...

Psalm 104:1-2
Bless the lord, o my soul! O lord my God, you are very great! You are clothed with splendor and majesty, covering yourself with light as with a garment, stretching out the heavens like a tent.

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