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Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Tea Party

I admit that I have not been into the whole Royal Wedding hoopla like most people, but as most of you know when you work 5 days a week- and everyday kind of seems the same, you have to find little moments in life to celebrate and get excited about. Well, that's exactly what two of my co-workers (and friends) and I did. We decided that we wanted to make big British hats to wear to work in order to celebrate the monumental day. Make no mistake, these are no traditional hats... these are works of art!

Princess Jessica

Princess Mallory

Princess Mykaela

Each of us used different materials. Jessica started with a hat from Michaels, Mallory started with a visor, and I used a paper plate and coffee filters. All of our co-workers got a kick out of the hats and so our company Photographer, Johanna Love, was kind enough to take out Royal Tea Party pictures. It's days like today that I am so thankful to work at a company like Stampington & Company , a place where weird art kids are accepted and appreciated! 

PS. I can't wait to watch the actual wedding... I saw pictures and Catherine looked beautiful.  I hope they have a very blessed and happy life together. 


  1. I adore this!!!! Even I didn't think to do hats! You guys are so cute

  2. I love these pictures and the hats! Tell Johanna thank you for me and also tell her how much I enjoy her photography!