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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fun with photoshop

Since working at Stampington and Company I have been a lot more excited to try new art projects including all different kinds of mediums. I submitted a bunch of sock monkeys to our publication called Stuffed and I am happy to announce that they will have their own article in the January issue! It is going to be so hard to wait for it to come out, but it will be fun to watch them take pictures of them and then Jessica gets to design the magazine so that will be cool too. I'll have pictures to come soon...

Also, whenever I mail or package anything now I have to put a little spin on it. I'll have those pictures up soon as well to explain more what I am talking about.

I have started a new thing where I create a birthday crown for people. It started out with my mom's birthday (the crow turned out kind of rough, sorry mom) and then I made one for Summer, Jessica's dad, Jessica's mom's friend, and now I need to make one for Jessica's mom. haha. Pics to come for that as well!

Other than those little projects, I have been experimenting with Photoshop. U of A never really sat us down and taught us all of the Adobe programs, most stuff has been self-taught or learned through internships. Well, at Stampington we use photoshop pretty often to fix up photos and the I get to see all the photos that artists send in and they are so inspiring. So, to start off, I took a photo from my "photoshoot". This picture was actually my favorite that Johanna Love took. She is such a great photographer. Anyways, I played around with the image a bit and come up with a couple different styles. You'll have to tell me what one you like and hopefully I can try more things in the near future.

Original photo taken by Johanna Love

CMYK photo with different filters and grain effect

Black and white photo with a lens glare

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  1. myk- where are kim and i's half-birthday crowns?! haha jk...i am so jealous that you get to work with photoshop on a daily basis. seriously my dream job. i am currently obsesed with the overlay feature and am constantly using it to manipulate my photos. have you tried incorporating the lens glare onto your first photo? make it not so bright, but still visible? i think it'd look cool...