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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Feeling Jolly

Jolly Jar on top of my hard-drive and out of my reach!

Lately I have been trying to cut down on my sugar intake (yaa, yaaa, somehow I have become a little health conscience), but weeks ago I somehow ended up with a giant bag of jolly ranchers (actually a pretty funny story, but too lengthy to write here). I am one of those people that cannot be trusted with large quantities of candy, chips, or sugary breads in their possession, so in order to limit myself I brought my 1 pound bag of candy to work. One of the many things that my mother has taught me is that presentation is everything, so I knew a torn open plastic bag just won't do, not to mention it takes up too much room on my desk. So, here you have my feeble attempt at making an inviting candy jar. 

Necessary Items:
Mason Jar: I used an old spaghetti jar that I had been hoarding
Washi tape: Patterned Japanese tape, can be found at the shop on 
A (clever) label: I decided to go super cheesy with my design and it reads, "Have a JOLLY good day, Mate!" because let's be honest, we all need these words of encouragement to get us through the day at the office
Jolly Ranchers

I did have a lid on top, but that seemed to make my co-workers think they were to keep-out (quite opposite of what I am going for). Simple, easy, and done... and feeling like Pam on the Office during her reception days. 

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for making the candy "jar" instead of using the open bag! Glad your co-workers benefit from Nickee's dislike of Jolly Ranchers!