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Saturday, July 31, 2010

I recently got the opportunity to fly home and visit my family for a fun-filled weekend celebrating my sister's 27th birthday. It hasn't been long since I moved out to California, but seeing everyone was much appreciated. 

My sister started a blog called, "My 27th Year." In this blog she takes an image a day and writes an entry to go with it... in total this blog will include 325 entries. Her images and creative writing are amazing and they make me want to "step up my game." So, from now on, I will try to take my knowledge of Adobe programs and apply them to my photos. We'll see what I end up with! 

First try... Departing from Phoenix, heading back to Orange County, I was able to get a shot of downtown Phoenix below the wing of the airplane. You can see Bank One Ballpark (now known as Chase Field) along with all the other buildings. The logo on the end of the wing made the image look like an advertisement for them, so I photoshopped that out and placed my own silly words, "Goodbye Phoenix." Then being inspired by my sister's recent Etsy purchase, I placed different fonts saying "Keep your head in the sky and feet on the ground." Kind of cliche', I know, but oh well! 


  1. Love it! Keep moving in this direction! (No pun intended) The more you stretch and learn, the more I do. . . . so, Thanks!

  2. Great job looks amazing :)
    I'm going to print that pic out and add it to my collection!!!

  3. I forgot to tell you that when I saw the post "What I Did Today" and I saw the picture (the plane and all), the first thought I had was that you went sky-diving. And, my heart jumped up into my throat and I instantly felt like I couldn't breath. Thank goodness it was only a picture. Whew!