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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Beach life living?

So, its been quite a while since my last post... whoops! Things have been busy... Jessica and I finally found a house that is at Newport Beach on Balboa Peninsula. Immediately after finding the place we were insanely excited, but then we began dealing with the rental company and lets just say it has been anything but an enjoyable experience. When I first moved out here (over three months ago already!) I made a deal with myself that I would live by the beach for at least a year so Jessica and I have been really pushing through this and we are finally starting to see things work out.

We got to take our first walk-through yesterday and immediately started planning in our heads what all we want to do to the place to make it ours for 18 months. Then, today we stopped by again to see if the rental company would stick to their word (they said that we will be able to move in this weekend) and we were happy to find the place smelling like fresh paint!

So, to my followers... Mim, Summer, and Steve haha here are photos of the place... It still needs to be cleaned, but hopefully we will get it soon!

And here is the couch/futon that I am purchasing tomorrow. Mom, I know you told me to not buy anything until you got out here, but the sale for this ends tomorrow and I think it will be a great investment. Since I plan on having you all out to visit often, this little couch turns into a bed in a second!

And last, but not least... It has been rainy the past two days (and I have loved it!) and so after we looked at our house, we walked to the beach (a whole 5 houses away) and saw this beautiful sunset. I know this sounds weird, but it kind of reminded me of Arizona. Ok, yes, I realize that there is an ocean in the image, but the colors in the sky just made me think of the beautiful sunsets in Arizona during monsoon season. 

Sending my love to everyone!!!! Although there is all this excitement, I just really miss everyone a lot... as usual. Thank goodness Summer and Steve are coming to visit this weekend!!!! xoxo


  1. Really excited about the house! It looks like it can be very homey and fun. You will learn to be super efficient with space!! Haha. Also like the futon, but like you in the picture best of all! Love You!

  2. Ahh myk your place looks super cute! I know you and your creative expertise too and you will make it even more cute! I still can't believe you live so close to the beach. I am extremely jealous. I better be able to visit asap!! Miss you hobbit.