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Monday, November 15, 2010

A Mini Vacation

40th Pier

This weekend was the first weekend that I basically stayed put in Newport, and it was so nice. It's hard to come back to work today when I know that the beach and is waiting for me 150 steps from home. I'll give you a run-down of my weekend, almost the perfect weekend (would be perfect if I had my family and friends here to share it with me!)

  • I was an old lady and hopped in bed around 8, read some Harry Potter, and fell asleep by 9. (what has become of me?!)

  • Woke up at 8:30 (shocking, I know!) 
  • Jessica and I walked to Starbucks (about a 15 minute walk). We then decided to go for a walk around the peninsula a bit and looked at shops and paddle boarders wading through the bay. 
  • We then walked to the beach. There must have been a high tide because there were beautiful seashells scattered over the sand. I gathered as many as I could and we brought them home for cleaning. (I have some projects in mind to use these beauties up!)
  • After that, we got in my car and drove to Ikea on a misssion to find my mom some stacking tables. Thankfully they were there and the mission was a success!
  • While Jessica took a nap, I decided to go for a jog. I made it to the pier and back and on the way home I felt myself smiling like an idiot. I couldn't help it, I think while running along the boardwalk it finally clicked, "oh ya, I live here." 
  • Tired and out of breath, I came back home and showered. Then Ashley and Mallory were able to come over to the place for the first time and we all went out to Rudy's and Malarky's for the night.
  • To conclude our night we went to a local pizza shop and had the best pizza I have ever had!

  • I woke up to find Jess still asleep so I got dressed and walked to Starbucks, for the first time, alone. It was such a lively atmosphere over in the Starbucks shopping area, so it felt great to sit outside there and drink my coffee while reading a chapter or two if Harry Potter. 
  • I then walked back home, cleaned the house a bit, then grabbed a blanket and sat out at the beach. I was on the phone with my mom (I somehow get to share really special moments with her oftenly) when I saw a group of dolphins swimming by surfers in the ocean. They were so cool looking and it was as if they were just taking a Sunday stroll.
  • Jessica then met me at the beach and we sat, talked, and I read more of my book. Then we decided to build a sandcastle. 
  • After spending the day at the beach, we decided to go home, get cleaned up, and conclude our weekend with dinner and coffee (decaf) at Alta (a neighborhood cafe). We got some more walking in, ate a good meal, and walked on home. 
  • I got ready for bed, read a bit more, and fell asleep. 

The weekend felt productive and yet like a mini vacation. I can't wait for family and friends to come visit and share in the beach life living with me!

collected seashells
so many surfers to watch

our sandcastle
our ikea trip is making me think that this is what i want
for my room decor. thoughts?

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  1. Yay!!! I looked and you had blogged! So fun! And your weekend does sound really amazing! It kind of reminds me of when I first moved to Arizona. Except for one tiny little insignificant detail such as that YOU HAVE THE OCEAN! Love you!