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Thursday, November 18, 2010

CHALLENGE results 2 and 3

This week has been dedicated to Harry Potter. I have been re-reading the last book and watching movies 1-6 in order to be refreshed and ready for the new movie coming out this weekend. You are probably asking yourself, "does Mykaela know how nerdy she sounds right now?" And the answer is Yes, I absolutely know how ridiculous this makes me seem, and trust me, the guy working at Blockbuster made sure to remind me how silly I am for loving all things Harry Potter.

Anyways, getting back on subject... Since I have been watching a movie a night I have been trying to be somewhat productive by crafting. You remember the challenge I posted a few days ago? Well, I have two new results for you:

mailing label and postage side.
pretty side!

First, I used the papers to wrap a journal that my sister and I send to each other back and forth. I made sure to layer it multiple times (might not be the most fun thing to unwrap) in case it gets tossed around. After making several layers, and using tape to bind them, I ripped out images and placed them on one side and then used a permanent marker to ad some details.

the colors surprisingly look really good

I promise they look much better in person!

For the 2nd result, I decided to get in the Christmas mood (Harry Potter movies always make things feel like Christmas) and make christmas trees. I first wrapped a few pieces of paper around each other to make a cone shape. Then, rip up the papers in squares (I chose to rip instead of cut for a more vintage look) and then begin taping them onto the cone, starting at the bottom of the tree and moving your way up to the top. I actually really like how these look, the mixture of colored paper with the white paper gives it a kind of snowed upon look. I may try to make some and possibly paint on them as well. We shall see!

So if you feel like crafting while watching a movie, these are great exercises because they don't take too much attention, just repetitive steps. And please forgive the poor lighting in these photos, it was a little later at night with not the best lighting!


  1. You sneaky monkey! I had no idea you…
    1) Changed the look of your bog (love it by the way!)
    2) Started actually adding more entries to your blog (so inspiring) and
    3) Wanted my address to send the sissy-sissy book back (but I should have guessed)
    Keep it up Myk, and I will keep “tuning” in. It is almost like you don’t live far away in dream land!

  2. Love the trees! I want to make one right now! Oh, and when you are home, will you help me make my blog look better so I can get back to posting?

  3. Sissy! Yes, I am attempting to be a little more proactive with this blog! I have yet to mail the journal, but at least you know its on its way!

    Mim, I'm glad you like the trees! And yes, I can def. try to help you with figuring out how to get your blog the way you want it next time I am home... which will be in about a week!