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Friday, April 15, 2011

A Different View

I have realized that most of my posts (not that there are that many) have California beach sunsets. Although the ocean is beautiful, I find myself missing Arizona's sunsets with the purple, pink, and gold painted skies. 

Last weekend I got to travel on back home to AZ to spend time with my family (some from out of town), some great friends, and my hometown. These trips always go by way too fast, so I try to savor every moment and do my best to see everyone although I usually fail at that part. In this compact week there was visiting with relatives from Detroit, sock monkey making, family time, laughs and conversation with best friends over great food and wine, birthday crown making, birthday lunch, organizing old boxes full of memories, wallpaper removing (definitely not the best part of the weekend), much needed back rubs (Mim, I still owe you big time), and as always there was lots and lots of warmth, love, and hugs. 

As I sat on the plane staring at the sky, about to depart for Orange County - I realized that its not just the Arizona sunsets that puts warmth in my heart, but the people, who I am truly so blessed and thankful for. 

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  1. I get so excited when I check your blog and you have something new!!! This shows how busy I have been, because I just saw this today! Love it!! And you!! Miss you greatly!