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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Playing Catch-Up

this never seems to get old
I find myself playing catch-up today. I am all caught up on my work at work, but I am slacking on my personal "work." My online portfolio is in dire need of updating and my sock monkey site needs to be up and running fully by January 1st. With Thanksgiving coming and going and no new posts on this blog, I feel like asking myself what the heck have I been doing?!

i guess a little less of this, and more work!
My Thanksgiving was wonderful, probably my favorite yet. My time in Arizona was well spent with family and friends, eating, and gingerbread house making. All of the fun made it even harder to come back to California this time. It's funny, I thought my desire for home would lessen as time went on, but I am finding that it is quite the opposite.

A couple weeks ago Katie got to come out here for a night (she was actually here for a seminar in Anaheim, but I stole her for the night). I loved having her out here, it felt just like our college days with fun conversation and silly behavior. I can't wait for her and Kimmy to visit in February!

This past weekend my mother and grandmother were able to come out and visit me (having visitors is like the greatest thing ever because it brings a sense of home to Cali). They helped me decorate the house with some Christmas decorations (pictures will be posted soon hopefully) and we visited Laguna, downtown Orange, and a bike shop! Christmas came early for me this year, and santa mim and dad with some help from my grandma got me a beach cruiser. I have wanted one since moving out here, and I have already been on a couple bike rides, I forgot how happy a bike ride is.
i don't know what's cuter... my new bike or my grandma?!

Of course other things have been going on here and there and I won't bore you with any more details, but time is going by so fast I can't seem to keep up. This week is all about getting my work done and preparing for Christmas. Can't wait to celebrate!!!


  1. Well, well, what do you know. I just by chance thought I would look at your blog and was very happy to see this. The pictures are great. I love the Grandma and bike picture. I need to get myself in gear, don't I? New Year's resolution maybe? Thanks for blogging today, I love and crave the little snippits of your life!

  2. figured out how to follow you!!! please post soon! i miss you and need constant updates!