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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Star Spangled Banner

For me, July is an exciting month (I don't think there is a month that I am not excited about, but this one is just a little more special). It's the time of year when Summer has completely kicked in, my mother and sister's birthdays are both this month, and the fourth of July is celebrated.

As a kid,  I remember 4th of July parades, swimming, bbq's, popsicles (the red, white, and blue ones), my mom's famous American Flag Fruit Tart (yum), sparklers, light-rope/glow-sticks, and family and neighbors joining together on blankets spead over the golf course  to watch the firework's show.

As I've gotten older, I made it a point to be in California for the 4th. There have been a couple trips with all my girlfriends (some of my favorite memories are from our huge CA girl-trips), a trip with Kipp and Summer, and last year it was the first weekend after I moved out here and Kimmy was out to visit me.  This year's celebration will be in Newport again and I am excited, but I love to think back over all the past years and the memories that I hold from this one Holiday.

Anyways, I'm rambling now and really all I meant this post for was that I made a new desktop image for my computer at work and wanted to share. If you'd like to place it on your desktop background please feel free to! Just save the image and then change your desktop settings.

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  1. Trying again to leave a "happy thought"! I have all the same great memories you do and miss you on the 4th every year. I get to be with you on my birthday this year though, so no complaining from me! Love you, Mim