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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Sweet Surprise

I got home from work today tired and not looking forward to doing all my cleaning that I promised myself I would do tonight. And after making a pretty delicious dinner, I slipped slowly into a food coma and the thought of cleaning seemed laughable, unrealistic and too exhausting.

Thankfully, just as I sat down to rest my night away, Jessica handed me a package that had come in the mail with my name on the address. I got really excited when I saw it was from Cortney (she sends fun cds, photos, or silly letters all the time) and once I opened it up I was happy and energized! Inside was some printed pictures of my best friends from AZ, a sweet birthday card, and an Adele cd!!!

Well, now I am blasting some Adele while cleaning my room and finding the perfect space for the pictures to go. Thanks Cort Cort, you made me so happy and definitely saved the night!!!
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  1. This is a sweet surprise! Nice job Courtney!

  2. yayy so glad you liked it! :) love sending you stuff!