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Friday, December 30, 2011

the end or the beginning?

2011 is coming to an end, can you believe it? So much has conspired in my life this past year, and yet looking from the outside, my life might not seem too different. I usually don't really make New Year Resolutions, but a recent event is making me break my non-habit and make one.

I recently joined millions of others in getting a Pinterest account (username: mykmyk) for a couple of reasons. 1. I love gathering inspiration from other people's pins. 2. It's a great way to keep things that I like or want to do organized on a site that I can access from any computer with internet. 3. It's a great way to promote company's or self-promote one's art!

I can't lie, number 3 outweighs the other reasons a bit. So, yesterday I pinned something from my blog... Remember those Harry Potter posters that I had made? Well I pinned one of those to test out the whole system of pinning. So imagine how happy I got today when I saw this on my screen...

That's right, 18 likes and 70 re-pins! That means that more than 70 people saw my poster and could have possible traveled on over here to my blog. This soooo inspires me to really dive into my art. The economy is tough right now for everyone, especially all the artists in the world, but with sites like this that help spread inspirations, literature, and art things are looking to me like 2012 is going to be a new beginning! 

Long story short: new years resolution... work even harder on my side projects and art! 

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  1. Do it, do it! That response is so exciting!