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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Newport Beach Boat Light Parade 2011

Last year I experienced my first Christmas boat light parade and decided that for as long as I live in California, this experience is a must every winter season. This being my second year, I was a little more knowledgable about where to go to get a good seat so my pictures turned out much better than last years (still not great, but I can't complain when taking pictures with my phone!) I picked up Jessica after church and we made our way down the peninsula, almost to the wedge, and sat on a wall facing Corona Del Mar. Anyways, the noisy crowds of families, the cheery music, the chilly air, the reflection of lights in the sea, and the sand below my boots really put me in a west coast Christmas mood! These pictures don't do these million-dollar-lit-yachts much justice, but hopefully you can get the picture.

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